Is Priyanka the last hope for Congress?

Posted on January 24, 2019 at 6:00 PM

Priyanka the last hope for Congress

Miffed by the snub given by babua-bua Jodi of SP-BSP and considering the graph of congress vote share of last few decade, it was expected that congress might have to do some extraordinary to revive it fortune it the largest political battleground of UP.

So congress did exactly that it has given Priyanka Vadra the in charge of UP east which consist of 30 seat of which 29 is held by BJP it also include the prestigious seat of Varanasi and Gorakhpur, but can PV revive the congress declining future of UP? It is the million-dollar question for which the most probable answer is no.

Now first look at the positive for congress the most positive thing that PV can bring to congress is that she can enthuses the ground level and booth level worker of congress it is not because of some charisma of her work but it is her maiden surname Gandhi which is attached to her name and because she is fresh into politics and new thing is always welcomed in human world.

The second is she might be able to force PM Modi to spend considerable time in UP thus denying him an easy passage to campaign through the entire country by cutting his campaign time, the other thing is she may force some young voter to move to congress camp thus cutting votes of BJP.

The other positive can be that mahagattbandan may feel jittery as some of its voter probably Muslim might move to congress thus helping BJP and wreaking it alliance this might force babua-bua to include congress into alliance.

Now this all are best case scenario for congress there are many negatives which also come with it the most important is her surname Vadra whose name is considered in synonymous with corruption now that stain will stick to her also apart from it many private things about of her life which was not discussed till now in public will also gain momentum and question will be asked about it also.

Also, she has not done any work to prove her worth apart from pretty face and a Gandhi maiden surname there is nothing positive about her that can give confidence to public to vote for congress and also the few additional young votes that she might bag for congress many split anti BJP votes thus helping BJP in a way, and even if the SP-BSP being awary of Muslim votes include congress into it fold there will be great number of powerful independent candidates which might cut opposition votes thus favoring BJP to a certain extent also in politics 1+1 is not always 2 sometimes it is also 11 or 5 because politics is not always science it is more of chemistry it will be unwise to comment or predict how the ground level worker which were till now fighting among themselves will react when there is a candidate of rival parties.

Thus as it is said picture toh abhi baki hai or as a matter of fact it as not even started but one thing is certain it is difficult is predict anything as of now.