Centre Plea in Supreme Court to Return Undisputed Ram janmabhoomi Land

Posted on January 31, 2019 at 6:00 AM

Ram Mindir undisputed land

Ayodhya the birthplace of Lord Rama is considered a holy place for the Hindu civilization the Hindus believes that ram was born there they considered it the birthplace of Lord Ram it is believed widely that there was a temple in Ayodhya which the then Mughal emperor Babur destroyed and build mosque in which also came to be known as babri masjid though the exact date of demolition is not known it is widely believed that it is built in the year 1536-38 by Mir Babar was the commander and baba army.

First time when the dispute was bought in Limelight I was in the year 1853 when the nirmohi akhara occupied the land near babri masjid and started offering prayer letter the government in the year 1855 decided to bifurcate the land between the Hindus and Muslims the Hindus file the case in the year 1885 which was rejected by the judge in the in the very next year it was again filed in the higher Court which was again rejected and the dispute remain unresolved in the year 1949 statue of Ram and Sita was found inside the babri masjid The Hindu believe that the ideal appeared by itself there was a dispute between the Hindu and the Muslim and government to diffuse the tension close the gate of the mosque from the year 1949 the Muslim stopped offering prayer in the babri mosque in the year 1980 vishwa Hindu parishad again launch a movement to built ram janam bhumi temple in the disputed site in the year 1987 the then prime minister Rajiv Gandhi open the lock of the gate of the masjid and offered prayer to Ram lala, but he kept quiet or made no commitment when Ram temple would be built on the set site( This was dose to difuse anger among Hindu who felt anger due to appeasement of Muslim by the successive congress government) in 1989 the BJP led by LK advani started rath yatra from Somnath to Ayodhya to mobilize the crowd to build ram temple KAR Seva movement was organised in the year 1992 and few devotees walked on the top of the mosque and destroyed one of it wall.

The demolition of babri masjid lead to a widespread right in India in the year 1992 all the land of 70acre which was own by nirmohi akhara and ram janmabhoomi nayas was taken by the government in the year 2015 the Allahabad high Court claim that a dispute land should be divided between the party and claim that mosque is not a case of faith in Muslim community but AIMPLB objected and file the appeal in the supreme court the Muslim personal law board was represented by an eminent lawyer Kapil sibal who is also a senior leader of Congress party his tactis is to divert the attention of the court and extend the deadline till 2019 election, because Congress party does not want to lose the vote of Muslim the fully know they cannot ask for mosque because it will belittle the fate of the Hindu community and hence they are playing the delay tactics.

The supreme court behavior is also quiet baffling Mr. Kapil sible who is also a Congress party leader filed an affidavit in the supreme court telling the judges to hear the case after the election of 2019 but the then supreme court chief justice Deepak Mishra declined it and decided to do every day hearing from October 29 and finish it on urgent fearing that the decision will not be in his favor the Muslim personal law board and the Congress party even tried to move impeachment against the then chief justice Deepak Mishra but he remained firmed and did not moved from his position and announced that from 29th October day to day hearing will be done in the Ram janmabhoomi dispute and the verdict will be announced as soon as possible.

But once he retired and the new chief justice doctor Ranjan gogoi took charge he did not seem it necessary to hear the case on urgent basis and to the angry of many people has not done a single hearing for almost 3 months.

Sensing that the case is going nowhere and it might take forever to get the decision the government played an ace card and ask the SC to consider giving the undisputed 67 acre land back to the RJBN now the ball is again back to the SC and it will be hard for the SC to ignore it as it is a undisputed land and the government can undertake the land and give to RJBN thus paving a way for RAM janambhomi.