Posted on January 25, 2019 at 6:00 PM


March 2017 the result of UP assembly was been announced BJP which had been out of power for more than decade was leading with 2/3 majority BSP was way behind it was almost a very poor performance by BSP, all the media was waiting for Mayawati reaction finally she spoke once when the lead where been converted into seat, and instead of talking the responsibility for loss she blamed

EVM for her defeat IT was not the first time: let’s be honest to Mayawati this was not been the first time that someone has blamed EVM for their loss in 2009 BJP also said the same when they loss the LS election but that time the Lutyens media was not interested because Lutyens media never liked BJP hence the story was not carried forward with much enthusiasm in media, and the BJP also did not cried to much about it (though BJP spokesperson even wrote a book about it) but present BJP member Swamy went to the court and asked the court to conduct paper trail along with EVM for better transparency and the matter was forgotten as everybody rightly guessed that this was just a coverup for loss in election.

So, what’s new now? What is new now is that it is not only the BSP but the entire opposition who whenever losses any election they start blaming EVM, which give the Lutyens a chance to attack PM Modi which they hate with their core and they also in their heart know that it is the story of sour grapes but their jealousy towards Indian PM who is not from a dynasty but a common Indian man who through his sheer determination has risen to such a height is so great that they can go to any length to defame him.

Can it be tempered? The answer is both yes and no it can be if one can get a physical access to a EVM lets explain it in a simple way suppose that somebody can get hold of your debit card and can also get your pin he can definitely steal your money but if one does not have your card and your pin access your money is save, and remember one more thing that EVM is a standalone device it is not connected by internet or any Bluetooth device hence to hack any EVM is not possible, it is often said that in many advance country the voting is done through paper then why not India there is two answer to it first that India is the most populated country having largest number of electorate almost 900 million and there is no restriction on number of candidates so that is not worth economical and secondly now every major election is also held through VVPT in which there is also a paper trial and incase of any discrepancy one can tally through paper ballot And if one wants to hack election than instead of EVM paper ballot is easy to target no one has forgotten booth capturing in late eighty and early ninety.