PIL in supreme court against Chanting of Sanskrit prayer in KENDRIYA VIDYALAYA

Posted on January 30, 2019 at 6:00 AM


'Asato ma sadgamaya’ (from falsehood lead me to truth) and ‘Om saha navavatu’(may God protect and nourish us) how can this word be termed as comunal after all supreme Court is also based on the principle of satyamev jayate that is truth alone will prevail so if the above word is not communal how the word above them are communal.

No wait don't get me wrong I am not here to start a debate of communalism it is not me restarting this debate it is Vinayak shah a man from MP, who has filed a petition in supreme Court saying that chanting of Sanskrit prayer in school should be considered communal and should not be allowed to be done by the school authorities, it's of definitely be not made compulsory in the school is his belief, well he has a right to his believe but what is interesting is that the supreme Court has also accepted his application considering this as a matter of “seminal importance” this is the same supreme Court which when it's come to ram temple say that it does not considered it as a matter of importance and has delayed the hearing about it causing a great deal of pain and anger among the rambakth.

This is not the first time that the supreme Court has heart the feeling of Hindu committee before also a decision was made which spark a great deal of anger and anguish among the community like jallikattu issues in Tamil nidu or for that matter allowing in women in the holy temple of ayapana in sabarimala in Kerala district in both the above cases the court does not considered the age long tradition of Hindus culture and give the order which caused a great deal of unrest in the state of Tamil Naidu when jallikattu was banned a great deal of position was taken by the local population from every Walk of life weather rich middle class our poor formed society and started opposing the order of supreme Court which force the government both in the state and in the center to pass the ordinance overriding the decision of supreme Court and allowing jallikattu to go as usual.

Same was in the case of sabarimalai the supreme court did not pay attention to the age old tradition of Hindus culture and allow the menstruating women to entry into the shrine there was a wide scale protest along the entire state of Kerala as a result a lot of police were deployed to prevent untoward incident, there were some social activist mostly out of Hindu committee who just to incite hatred tried to enter the sabarimala but were denied entry by both the temple authorities and the local populations there then the government who is an atheist at the core and does not and does not follow any religion and is definitely antiHindu decided to teach the Hindu religion a lesson and on the grave of supreme Court order and with the help of Police it made two o women enter the shrine at the dead of the night when everybody was away at their home this was nothing to do with the ladies faith they were just to break the tradition and they wanted to hurt The Hindu sentiments again a large scale protest was organized in the entire state the temple authority close the door of the sabarimala gate and performed purifying ritual in the temples this is not the case of women right it was that it is the case of some vested interest you want to hurt the sentiment of the Hindus community there.

the one thing which is most baffling is why all this cases are coming in the last 4 years why when the center is led by BJP government and by Narendra Modi why this kind of PIL has been put in the court the answer is simple when the country choose in 2014 BJP and especially Narendra Modi's their p.m. it was a great shock to the lutein media and some antisocial element in India it knew that not they have to follow the bitter pill for 5 years but they did not want to lay ideal so they started filing PIL in supreme Court just to embarrass the government first started with jallikattu then they started with sabrimala then they did tried to prolong the case of ram temple again and again even when Allahabad high Court has given favorable verdict in the case this is all done to dent the image of the prime Minister Narendra Modi and they are trying to spread the message that the government is unable to protect the interest of Hindu community that and in this way they are also trying to stop Narendra Modi from working for more important cases like defense, farm Crises, unemployment and many other development project this all are done just to hinder his Pace of work

But what is annoying is the way in which the court is taking all the unimportant cases as a matter of importance it's baffling when we considered the numbers of pending cases in the court. How many argue that there is also an PIL in case of Triple talak so how can you say it's a one way tariff, for them my answer is simple that it was the victim which filed a PIL in SC not some NGO, Secondly even though the SC rejecting it many political parties are openly in the favor of the same they are not letting the Bill to pass in the RS, plus one must understand that it’s a social evil(just like Dowry and caste system or for that matter even Sati and child marriage) it has nothing to do with Muslim religion otherwise it should not have been banned in Muslim country like Saudi and Pakistan hence it must has to go.